The Soul Clinic presents....
Love Your Inner Angry Bitch!
Are you ready for More Love, Freedom and Peace?
If you're Ready to Love the most Powerful part of you, your inner Angry Bitch. Sign up, NOW!
Do you experience anxiety or depression? Do you find yourself unable to stay focused or motivated to lose weight or accomplish your goals? Are you an emotional eater, drinker or shopper? Do you find that you’re easily upset or live in a world of being frustrated or just mad? Do you feel as if the world or system is unjust and find yourself angry about it?
Do you constantly doubt yourself or kill off any possibility of having what you really want? Whether that be a relationship or career or business opportunity? 

If you fall into any of these categories, consider that you may have an inner Angry Bitch inside of you that is pissed and committed to sabotaging your life just for the opportunity to be heard! 
This group was created as a safe space for you to transform the relationship you have to your inner Angry Bitch while discovering the gift inside of your anger.
Our goal is for you to leave this space with more freedom, feeling lighter and with a new sense of peace knowing that love is possible.
 If you’re tired of feeling what you feel then this is your opportunity…
The Facilitator
Tiffany Love; Founder of The Soul Clinic, also know as The Black Hypnotist. She's a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Shadow Work Facilitator, Spiritual Healer, Intuitive Business Coach and Psychic Medium.

Tiffany is a spiritual powerhouse and what she loves the most is supporting and empowering her clients to live a life their Soul Loves. 
She provides guidance for discovering one's Soul Path within their business and relationships.
She aids her clients in removing mental and emotional blocks that restrict them from living a life of freedom and abundance.She specializes in emotional trauma that creates soul wounds. If you’re looking to take your life and vision to the next level with superior divine guidance Tiffany is the one for you.
This group isn't for everyone! This group is only for the Courageous ones who are willing to go the distance to acknowledge what you know is locked deep down inside you. The ones who are ready to be fully self-expressed with Power and Freedom to be your most Authentic Self!

The Bold ones who are unstoppable and willing to sacrifice it all to discover her truth!
Facing your own Inner Anger is one of the most impactful journey's of your life because you get the opportunity to surrender your judgements, resentment and fears of losing control.
Life is too short to live with Anger!!
What's Included:
  • (6)  Weeks of being in a Loving, Supportive, Healing Environment
  • (6)  90 Minute Group Sessions
  • Experiential Discovery Activities & Journaling

Registration $150.00
Starts Sunday October 4th, 2020  8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. EST